Announcing Chordia Consulting's first annual

2021 IT Management Effectiveness
™) Survey

Note: Survey Deadline is now 15 March, 2021!

Survey Deadline Extended 30 Days!

Survey Benefits

  • Identify your top IT management problem hotspots

  • Confirm or refine your 2021 improvement priorities

  • Figure out what's important among your competing priorities

  • Compare your environment to others to get improvement ideas

  • Receive Personalized Survey Feedback report (a $500 value)

  • No charge for survey participation

Your Personalized Survey Feedback Report Includes...

Your Survey Responses

Your High Priority Problem Spots

Your Improvement Opportunity Areas

Survey Features

  • Fast: Takes only 15 minutes to complete

  • Secure: Data is anonymized and collected using Alchemer survey tool 

  • Comprehensive: Based on RAITH, Chordia’s on-line IT healthcheck service and the IT/CBM management model

  • Relevant: Assesses effectiveness against today's key priorities

  • Unique: Collects and compares real client IT management issues 

  • Global: Offered to firms around the world

  • Local: Analysis of small groups of related participants possible

  • Personal: Receive your own report right away as well as full survey analysis report when completed

  • Easy-To-Understand: Graphical results, no jargon to decipher

  • Annual: Allows you to track progress over time

Participants receive Personalized and Full Survey Reports

Other Details

  • The survey is available now through February 15

  • IT and Business Leaders who are knowledgeable about their firm's IT management environment are invited to take the survey

  • Receive personalized report right away

  • Analysis should be complete by the end of March

  • For survey participants, an option to purchase a full version of RAITH at a discount is available until the end of June

  • Log-in to is required to take the survey

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