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RaITH™ In-Depth For Detailed Analysis

Chordia Consulting's Rapid IT Healthcheck (RaITH) service offers an objective, high-level diagnostic analysis of your IT organization.  RaITH  features a portfolio of 30 questions called "symptoms" grouped into 10 areas.   Based on answers you provide to these questions, the sophisticated algorithms within our RITE analytics tool will highlight opportunities for improvement across the whole spectrum of IT activities. 


In addition to those 30 questions, the RAITH capability includes a portfolio of more than 600 in-depth questions, expanding each of the 30 symptom areas into much more detailed diagnostic analysis capability.  

Chordia Consulting is now able to offer targeted RaITH In-Depth diagnostic services for today's key IT issue areas.  By answering the more detailed questions associated with any of these areas, you can perform a more detailed assessment of selected portions of your IT management environment.  This permits a more thorough understanding of where improvement may be of most value to your organization.   Contact Chordia Consulting to see how RaITH In-Depth's options can best suit your requirements. 


As with all RaITH services, RaITH In-Depth is available for worldwide purchase and delivery.  ​ The in-depth questions cover focused topics specifically relevant to your selected IT situation.  Each of these questions is framed as a possible problem or ‘symptom’ that may exist and that you will perhaps recognize.  There are no right or wrong answers –  just present an honest picture of your current IT environment as it is right now.  Your pattern of answers will be specific to your organization and should accurately reflect the unique IT situations that exist within the enterprise.  You may wish to invite subject matter experts in your organization to assist in answering the survey questions.


Please contact Chordia by email or chat if you would like more information.

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