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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I do business with Chordia Consulting?
    Chordia Consulting provides consulting services both in–person and on-line. After contacting us by phone, chat, or email, we’ll work with you to determine the best approach for your situation.
  • How is Chordia different from other consulting firms?
    Chordia’s mix of on-line services and more traditional on-site consulting is unusual, if not unique in the field. Additionally, Chordia’s license to use certain IBM models and analytical tools is, in fact, unique. Both of these attributes permit Chordia to deliver exceptional value quickly and cost effectively.
  • What’s the benefit to me of working with Chordia?
    We think Our Value page of the website says it best. See that page here.
  • Chordia is relatively new; how can I be sure they have the experience I need?
    Before forming Chordia Consulting, the firm’s principals each had decades of consulting experience in the strategy, management and technical disciplines described elsewhere on this website. They have jointly and individually delivered a wide variety of client projects, delivering exceptional client value. The same capabilities and experience are now deployed through Chordia Consulting with the additional flexibility and lower price that can be offered in a smaller, more personalized services firm.
  • Do you have references?
    Our client experiences are provided through descriptions of relevant project scenarios and the value they delivered.
  • Where is Chordia located?
    Chordia Consulting is based in the USA. The firm’s principals live in Chicago, Illinois, and in Rochester, New York State.
  • My company isn’t located in the United States; can Chordia still work with me?
    Of course. Chordia’s on-line services are available globally and, if the client situation warrants, Chordia can travel anywhere in the world.
  • Can Chordia work with me remotely or do they always need to travel and work with me on-site?
    Chordia Consulting provides consulting services both at your location and remotely, on-line depending on what’s best for your situation.
  • How do you determine whether in-person, on-site or remote, on-line services are appropriate for us?"
    Different client situations require different approaches. In many cases, most of the value of an initial diagnosis of a client environment can be delivered via our on-line RAITH services. Once that diagnosis is complete, next steps might include on-site work either by Chordia or one of our partners. If, during our preliminary discussion with you, we jointly determine that on-site work is required, we can design a project to address your issues and budget. If budget or geographical remoteness is a deciding factor, we may be able to design a predominately on-line and eMeeting-enabled approach that minimizes travel costs and time.
  • Does Chordia use any special tools or frameworks?
    In addition to the licensing of IBM’s IT/CBM model, a time-tested and comprehensive view of IT management at the core of a number of Chordia’s capabilities, the firm has created – and will continue to enhance – its RITE tool suite which provides rapid, algorithm-driven analysis and diagnostic results.
  • Do you have specific industry expertise?
    Although many IT issues are not industry-specific, Chordia's consulting experience encompasses many industry sectors.
  • Does Chordia have access to more skills and resources, possibly in my geography?"
    In addition to its own capabilities, Chordia continues to develop and expand its global network of firms with complementary disciplines who can be invited to participate in client projects, either jointly with Chordia or independently.
  • Can Chordia help me implement its recommendations?
    Chordia Consulting is happy to assist with project design and business case creation. We also have expertise in project management disciplines and can provide diagnostic or coaching assistance for your own project managers. Typically, however, we are not involved in day-to-day project or program management of implementation initiatives although we may be able to help address these needs via our local consulting partner network. Additionally the firm can assist with Excel and other prototype or modeling needs.
  • Does Chordia do programming?
    Chordia does not provide programming services for full scale, operational systems. The firm can, however, assist with Excel and other prototype or modeling needs.
  • How much does it cost to work with Chordia?
    Costs depend on the nature of services provided. Chordia’s on-line services such as RAITH could be only a few hundred US dollars while on-site services requiring travel and customized in-person assistance would, of course, cost more.
  • If you work at my location, how are travel costs handled?"
    As is standard with all consulting and services firms, travel and living expenses are billed to the client at cost.
  • How do I get a job with Chordia Consulting?
    Unfortunately, Chordia Consulting is not hiring new employees at this time.
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