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RaITH™ means Rapid IT Healthcheck. 

Sometimes you'd like help evaluating and prioritizing your top concerns without having to hire (or host on-site) expensive consultants.

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Can be done remotely!

RaITHprovides value by...

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Chordia Consulting's RaITH™ service can provide that second opinion for what you might pay for a plane ticket.

And now there's a version especially for the IBM i users.  Learn more here.

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Download our whitepaper to learn more about how RAITH uses algorithms

Click here to download

RaITH is an on-line, questionnaire-driven, algorithm-based IT diagnostic expert you never have to meet...

Unless you want to.

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Answer just 30 questions (or dig deeper with RaITH's over 600 In-Depth questions) and you get an expert opinion about where your IT improvement opportunities are and how to address them.

All in prioritized sequence.

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What results does RaITH provide?

You get a one-page visual heat map for easy review and communication.

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And a portfolio of in-depth text pages describing leading practices, key analysis questions, relevant metrics and documentation.

And you get suggestions for practical initiatives that can help improve your

IT performance and value 

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Download and read our whitepaper to learn more about how RaITH uses algorithms to quickly analyze your IT environment

Click here to download

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