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Thank you for agreeing to use Chordia Consulting’s Rapid Algorithmic IT Healthcheck (RAITH™) service, which provides an objective, high-level diagnostic review of your IT organization. Based on your providing answers to a range of carefully designed questions, the complex algorithms within our RITE™ analytics tool will highlight opportunities for improvement across the whole spectrum of IT activities.

Here's how it works

After reading this page, click the green button below to start the questionnaire

If prompted, log in to (or register with) the Chordia Consulting website

Fill in the background information and answer the 10 RAITH™ questions

Your responses are transmitted to Chordia Consulting via our cloud-based secure questionnaire service

Chordia processes your responses with our proprietary RITE™ analysis tool and creates your customized heatmap

Results are emailed directly to you, typically within 1-2 business days

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