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Rapid IT Healthcheck (RaITH™) Overview

Chordia Consulting's Rapid IT Healthcheck (RaITH) service offers an objective, high-level diagnostic analysis of your IT organization.  Based on answers you provide to a range of carefully crafted questions, the sophisticated algorithms within our RITE analytics tool will highlight opportunities for improvement across the whole spectrum of IT activities.  Chordia Consulting is pleased to now be able to offer the RaITH service for worldwide purchase and delivery completely online.  (RaITH In-Depth will is available for more detailed analysis of specific areas).

The RaITH standard service features a portfolio of 30 diagnostic questions grouped into 10 areas.  These questions cover a wide range of situations that may be relevant to your IT organization.  Each of these questions is framed as a possible problem or ‘symptom’ that may exist and that you will perhaps recognize.  There are no right or wrong answers – we’d just like you to present an honest picture of your current IT environment as it is right now.  Your pattern of answers will be specific to your organization and should accurately reflect the unique IT situations that exist within your enterprise.  You may wish to invite subject matter experts in your organization to assist in answering the survey questions.

An In-Depth version of RaITH is available.  It draws from RaITH's portfolio of over 600 questions to provide a more detailed analysis of many of today's important IT areas.   Contact Chordia Consulting to learn more.

Download the whitepaper: "Using On-Line Algorithms For IT Healthchecks." This document explains the purpose of an IT healthcheck and how online algorithms, including RaITH, can be a valuable element of the healthcheck process.

RAITH 400 Symptom Overview.01.jpg

The results you receive will be structured using the IT Component Business Model (IT/CBM), a proven framework which is based on licensed technology from IBM and has been used with hundreds of clients around the world for understanding, assessing, and improving IT organizational effectiveness.  You can learn more  about IT/CBM here



The ‘big picture’ overview results will be presented in an easy-to-understand visual format backed-up by a range of supporting textual information which offers more in-depth insight, including suggestions for further relevant action and analysis.  You can use these materials to help you develop a detailed improvement plan and roadmap for your organization. 

RAITH Standard Output Samples.jpg

RaITH Results 

Using the RaITH service is very simple:

  • Contact Chordia Consulting about the RaITH Service from the "Contact" page here

  • Purchase the RaITH service using the online payment method


  • You will receive a confirmation email and link to the instruction document

  • The instruction document will explain the RaITH process details and provide a link to the online questionnaire.  The list of questions is also provided to help you prepare your answers


  • When you are ready, use the link in the instruction document to go to the online survey. 


  • Answer the 30 questions in the questionnaire 

  • Press a button to submit the completed questionnaire to Chordia Consulting for analysis

  • You will receive the analysis results within three (3) business days


It’s that simple!


Based on the decades of IT consulting experience built into the RITE analytics tool, we will able to determine the likely root causes behind any current problem areas, together with any contributory factors that are also playing a part.

As its name suggests, the purpose of the Rapid IT Healthcheck is not to provide detailed, client-specific answers to all questions related to IT improvement – that would require a much more lengthy and in-depth consulting engagement.  However, based on our structured and objective analysis, it will clearly identify areas where IT activities could and should be improved, the relative level and priority of improvement required, and what could be done to move in the right direction.  


We hope you find it a useful and effective next step in your IT improvement program.

You can order the RaITH service by contacting Chordia Consulting on the "Contact" button which will take you to our "Contact" page. 


If you have any questions or would like to discuss this or other Chordia Consulting services, please contact us by sending an email to or click the Contact Chordia button on this page.

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