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Chordia Value

Shaking Hands

Tangible Value: In all our consulting engagements we strive to deliver tangible value and actionable roadmaps for improvement specific to our clients’ situations.  We avoid simply offering generic advice or recommendations to follow the latest ‘IT fashions’ or to purchase the newest IT products. These may well have a part to play but we aim to provide more complete, multi-faceted solutions to often complex problems.

Brainstorming Session

Collaboration:  A common theme in all our engagements is our style of working. We believe in solving clients’ challenges collaboratively, combining our experience and expertise with their knowledge of their own business so we can jointly determine balanced solutions.  We also realize that the client's best interests may be served by collaboration  with other firms with complementary capabilities.

Laptop Work

Unique Tools and Techniques:  We use a range of proven IT management consulting approaches, techniques, and supporting tools that have been used in many client engagements around the world over a number of years. These were all originally developed by our Principals and have been continually refined and improved to reflect the evolving IT environment. We created them, we understand them, and we’re able to best deploy them to solve clients’ problems. 


Global Perspective:  We realize that although IT is a global business with many things in common around the world, solutions to problems and approaches to consulting engagements must reflect local business environments and expectations. We have worked with clients around the world over many years and have experience not only in North America but also in Europe, Africa, Latin America, China, India, Australia, and throughout Asia, including global programs across multiple locations. 

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