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Drive more IT value with a Value Discovery Workshop

Is it time for your IT leadership team to finally agree on their top IT management issues and then jointly decide their priorities?

Can be done remotely!

A Value Discovery Workshop provides for agreement opportunity and identification of improvement potential

Do you need to understand if the IT team is working on the right things for short and long term priorities?

Are you looking for savings opportunities?

Sometimes the biggest barrier to progress can be getting everyone on the same page

A Value Discovery Workshop breaks down those barriers and provides a fact-based forum for discussion, insight, and decision-making that involves the entire IT leadership team

Careful preparation and use of a time-tested management model and facilitation tool ensure analysis completeness and reduce the emotion in the discussion

A Value Discovery Workshop is engaging, fun, fast moving, and takes less than 2 days (once preparation is complete)

Analysis results are presented real-time using IT/CBM heatmaps for an intuitive and visual output.

Can be done remotely!

Workshop documentation is provided quickly, forming a durable record of the discussion and agreed-to results.

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