Case Study Examples

IT Effectiveness

IT Assessment and alternate sourcing consideration

  • Industry: Regional Automobile Distributor
  • Geography: USA
  • Objectives: Identify improvement opportunities for IT consistent with owner’s family standards for quality andprivacy. Prepare senior IT and business managementfor possible decision to outsource IT infrastructure.
  • Challenges: Escalating costs; difficulty defining andachieving service levels to the business that were consistent with evolving requirements of the business (i.e. dealers and various client lines of business); lack of agreement among IT leadership about strategy and direction (i.e. current issues and whether to outsource or not);
  • Approach: Collect and allocate data according to standard model. Conduct executive workshop to identify problem areas, resource imbalances, improvement opportunities. Identify potential outsourcing scope.
  • Results: Final deliverable including workshop results and supporting backup data. Data used by outsourcing vendor team to establish baseline for deal negotiations.

Transition planning for new IT operating model

  • Industry: Insurance
  • Geography: USA
  • Objectives: Regional full-scope property andcasualty insurance provider undertaking new servicedelivery relationship
  • Challenges: Understand current IT delivery issuesin anticipation of improving internal capabilities; identifyrequired retained roles and staffing levels; prepare fornew service delivery model
  • Approach: Performed FTE data collection and allocationin preparation for executive workshop; determined retainedand in-scope roles and activities; used workshop to identify improvement opportunities
  • Results: Identified roles and staffing levels for neworganizational model; determined areas where performance improvement was required to improve service delivery performance under new delivery model

IT Value

Determine agreed-to potential outsourcing scope

  • Industry: Major International Grocery Chain
  • Geography: USA
  • Objectives: Improve IT service delivery and reduce costs to improve client profitability and competitive position in their US markets
  • Challenges: Desire by new client IT leadership to repeat their vendor-driven IT improvement experience at prior company
  • Approach: Collected operational metrics to establish baseline; facilitated joint consultant-client workshop using IT model to identify best areas for potential outsourcing
  • Results: Identified preliminary scope for subseqent outsourcing negotiation; model-based, non-confrontational approache helped establish project tone; operational metrics helped avoid later confusion as project unfolded