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Chordia Consulting uses the IT/CBM™ to classify client problem areas and Associate capabilities 

Chordia Consulting has cataloged its own capabilities using the IT/CBM
Heatmap 8x3 Chordia.02b.jpg

Sample for demonstration purposes

Chordia Associates do the same cataloging of their own capabilities.

Heatmap 8x3 other firm.02b.jpg

This gives us the ability to determine how we can work together to deliver client value.
Heatmap 8x3 Chordia plus other firm.02b.

Chordia's RAITH on-line service also uses IT/CBM to classify client IT improvement opportunities.

Heatmap 8x3.sample no .title.jpg

This classification helps locate possible service providers to jointly perform improvement projects

Heatmap 8x3 Chordia plus other firm.02.j
Heatmap 8x3.sample no .title.jpg

Chordia Consulting sponsors a global network of Associates that uses the IT/CBM model to organize and combine their expertise.  

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