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Updated: May 27, 2019

At Chordia Consulting we specialize in aligning – or ‘harmonizing’ - business and Information Technology objectives, priorities, and outcomes.

Thanks for visiting our website!

By helping IT organizations focus on the right things for the right reasons, we help them increase their effectiveness and efficiency and maximize the business benefits of their IT investment. We do this by developing IT strategic plans that address complex IT issues, and advising how emerging technology capabilities can enable 'digital transformation' of their business operations.

As experienced IT consulting professionals, we have conducted engagements addressing a wide range of strategic and tactical IT issues for over 25 years, working with private and public sector organizations across multiple industries and in many countries around the world. Our unique blend of proven consulting approaches and techniques, including licensed use of diagnostic tools and methods originally developed by its two principals, David Wright and Al Swett while at IBM, delivers practical client value quickly and collaboratively. While we primarily focus on small to mid-size organizations, we can work with enterprises of any size, both in North America and elsewhere, seeking to build personalized client relationships that go beyond simply providing project reports. In short, we aim to be long-term trusted advisers to our client partners.

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