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Chordia Consulting's Associate Network

Chordia Consulting Associates are independent consultants around the world with exceptional IT management skills and client experience who agree to use the IT/CBM model to coordinate their knowledge and capabilities.


Associates can provide their skill and expertise to clients independently or in collaboration with Chordia or other Associates to address a broader range of client needs.  This collaboration is facilitated by use of IT/CBM model which provides a consistent analysis and communication framework.


Participation in the Associate Program is by invitation from Chordia Consulting.  Associate Program candidates are identified based on existing relationships or by referral.  

The benefits of being a Chordia Consulting Associate include:

  • Being listed on the Chordia Consulting website

  • Participation in community calls, discussions, and intellectual capital improvement

  • Access to other Associates and their skills

  • Access to Chordia Consulting's resources

  • Potential for project opportunities with Chordia or other Associates

Associates can be Chordia Tech Partners and vice versa.  While a Tech Partner's focus is on platform-specific technical issues, an Associate's focus is on IT management-related improvement areas.

To learn more about the Associate Network, contact Chordia Consulting or review the FAQs here.

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