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RAITH Pricing Options

RAITH is now available at several different feature levels and price points.   From "Bronze," currently a free trial (a $49 value) for those who are "thinking about it" all the way to our Titanium or highest level (for "MVPs"), there is a configuration of RAITH features that will best fit your needs.  Best of all, your payments are credited to higher levels if you choose to upgrade. 


And soon RAITH services will be available by subscription, enabling you to provide regular updates to your status and track your progress towards your own improvement goals. 

No Charge!

The responses to "Symptoms" are the input to RAITH's algorithms and analysis. More Symptoms permit more detailed and accurate analysis.
Advanced users of RAITH can select in-depth symptom combinations to address specific interests or issues.
Leading Practices describe the attributes of a well-managed organization for each component.
Suggested Initiatives are prioritized and displayed on a 3-dimensional bubble chart for easy interpretation. Initiatives describe actions which can be taken to address the identified opportunities.
Details are provided about Initiatives to assist with their planning and execution.
Initiative predecessors and dependents are suggested, necessary for creation of an execution roadmap.
An initial roadmap provides a priority vs. difficulty view of the initiatives in a 3x3 grid.
Leading Practice details provide in-depth information about IT practices, offering a more comprehensive view of the attributes of a well-run IT organization.
Analysis Questions are provided to assist with a deeper inspection of the issue areas.
Recommended Metrics for each component suggest how to quantitatively measure the performance of IT.
Recommended Documentation for each component suggest the appropriate documentation are well-run IT organization would maintain.
A customized executive-level interpretation of the analysis results prepared by Chordia's principals.
Technology-specific input (e.g. IBM i) that supplements the Symptom responses for the RAITH analysis.
Telephone or eMeeting interview with a Chordia principal to gather background and other descriptive information.
Telephone call or eMeeting with one of Chordia's principals to answer questions, provide guidance, and otherwise support client responses to the Symptoms.
Identification of support and/or delivery resource candidates (where available), tailored to the RAITH results.
Telephone call or eMeeting with one of Chordia's principals who will present the RAITH results, answer questions, and discuss next steps.
Telephone call, eMeeting or in-person meeting with a Chordia principal to provide advice as needed. May be separately billable.
All fees for one level of RAITH can be applied to a higher level if upgraded within 90 days of purchase.

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Click here if you have been offered a no-charge RAITH™ trial
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