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Join Chordia Consulting's Service Partner Network

Learn more about becoming a Sponsor of the
2021 IT Management Effectiveness Survey here

Chordia Consulting Service Partners are established companies that provide hardware, software, and related services to their own client base.  These firms see the potential value of using Chordia's RAITH service as a way to extend their own service portfolio and improve their understanding of their new and existing clients.  


The benefits of RAITH™ to Chordia Consulting service partners and their sellers include:

  • Providing a standardized, professional way for providers to build client rapport, extend relationships, and identify improvement opportunities

  • Identifying new services delivery opportunities and expanding the provider’s reach

  • Is fast and easy to execute

  • Simplifying the provider’s early and ongoing contacts with a new or existing client and provides a framework for discussion and action planning

  • Leverages years of Chordia Consulting’s IT expertise through algorithms, intelligence and proven models

  • Is available either bundled into the service provider’s programs at attractive, tiered prices matching cost to the client’s situation

Service Provider partners are invited to become sponsors of Chordia Consulting's annual IT Management Effectiveness Survey.  Sponsorship benefits include:

  • Grouping your clients together and receive a subset of the survey results with analysis and output specific to your own client population

  • Better understanding of your clients' IT environment and issues as a group

  • No charge for basic participation (additional analysis and other survey participation support is available on a billable basis)

See survey details here.

To learn more about becoming a Service Partner Network, contact Chordia Consulting.

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