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Chordia Consulting's IBM i Services

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Chordia Consulting's IBM i services may be just what you need, providing everything from strategic to technical skills tailored just for you, the IBM i client. 

Do you find that you're left out in the cold when looking for technical or strategic help because you're using the IBM i platform?  Are you frustrated that you have to figure everything out for yourself?

Chordia Consulting's IBM i services can help by providing "one stop shoppingfor everything you, the IBM i client, need from strategic to technical services tailored just for you.

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Are you tired of having your advisers tell you to just get rid of that "tired, legacy IBM i" when you know how uniquely valuable it is to your business?

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Chordia Consulting provides IBM i services, but that's not all we do.  We'll approach your situation with an open mind and give you straight answers without any platform bias

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Can you find the IBM i specialized technical expertise you need when you need it? 

Chordia Consulting's Tech Partner Network has the strategic and IBM i-specific technical skills, when and where you need them.  Learn more.

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Do you worry that you won't get world-class analysis, that something will be left out or glossed over

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Chordia Consulting is uniquely able to offer comprehensive model-based insight and services using the proven IT/CBM model, making sure all IT management factors are considered. 

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How long since you've stepped back and taken a big-picture look at how your IT organization is doing?  Do you even know where to start without hiring an expensive consultant? 

Chordia Consulting's on-line Rapid Algorithmic IT Healthcheck (RAITH) is an easy (and inexpensive) place to begin.   By answering just 30 questions, you can get a graphic picture of your entire IT situation, with ideas for improvement and how to go about it.  Learn more.

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