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The IT/Business Priority Matrix™ is Chordia’s way of organizing its consulting services and helping clients decide which of those will be most valuable to them.

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IT Customer
Transformation Priority Domain
IT Delivery
Business Strategic Advantage

This segment relates to how Chordia can help IT organizations be enablers of major business change – promoting and driving digital transformation, supporting new business operating models, or gaining the benefits of emerging technologies that could radically change whole industries

Planning Time Horizon
Business Operational Effectiveness

Consulting services in this segment help make near-term improvements in how IT supports ongoing business activities – helping to design new/enhanced applications, making IT more agile and responsive, and maximizing the value of data to provide business insight 

Technology Advantage

This segment focuses on consulting services that can actually transform IT’s capabilities – perhaps by introducing more modern technologies, moving to new IT delivery models, upgrading IT skills, or dramatically simplifying the IT environment

IT Operational Effectiveness

Services here help improve IT’s day-to-day delivery quality for the whole enterprise, improving effectiveness, efficiency, and dependability by optimizing infrastructure, streamlining processes, deploying the right skills, and more effectively using available technologies  

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The horizontal axis represents the Transformation Domain: where is the focus of the required transformation action? 

  • The right side of the matrix relates to IT Delivery: those internal IT activities conducted ‘behind the scenes’ in the data center

  • The left side focuses on the IT Customer: those IT activities that are ‘outward-looking’ in supporting and enabling business operations


The vertical axis reflects the time horizon, from short to long term

  • The bottom "Now" half relates to tactical improvements that can be realized in the near-term

  • The upper "Future" half reflects strategic actions that have a longer-term and more wide-ranging impact

Each of Chordia Consulting's service areas has a "center of gravity" (shown in shades of color) in one or more quadrants of the IT/Business Priority Matrix.

Decide now to make IT better

IT Business Priority Matrix labels get s

Untangle your tech spaghetti

IT Business Priority Matrix labels class

Mobilize your business

IT Business Priority Matrix labels dig t

Bring your IT Into the 21st century

IT Business Priority Matrix labels IT mo

Make IT work harder for you

IT Business Priority Matrix labels IT va

Start speaking the same language

IT Business Priority Matrix labels it bu

Make your IT customer happy

IT Business Priority Matrix labels bus e

Which of Chordia Consulting's services can deliver most value to you?

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