IT Value Services


IT Value Services

Make sure that the money you spend on technology and skills isn’t just going up in smoke.

Is your technology working as hard for you as your business has to work to pay for it?

Information technology is expensive, no doubt about it.  And, annoyingly, it's expensive whether it gets the job done or not.   And the IT customer, the one who actually pays for that technology, depends on it for survival, for beating the competition, for satisfying external customers and employees.  That IT customer is betting the technology creates more value than it consumes.  If not, then something will change, sooner or later.  

Do you know what your information technology costs?  More importantly, do you know how much value it creates?

Chordia Consulting's IT Value Services can help you make sure you get the return you need on your IT investment.

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RAITH™ In-Depth for IT Value Services is an easy, low cost way to use the RAITH on-line question and algorithm-driven approach to drill deeper into opportunities for deriving the most value from your IT investment.

RAITH In-Depth for IT Value Services

An inexpensive, on-line, questionnaire-driven service that provides a deeper dive into areas of IT that have a particular influence on delivering business value, offering a first look at potential improvement opportunities. Globally available.  Purchased by credit card or PayPal.  Learn more.

IT Cost Rationalization helps IT and business leaders understand the current IT cost base and identify options for better aligning IT costs with business value 

IT Cost Rationalization

Understand and analyze the current IT cost base, including cost drivers, measurements and management processes; identify options for cost reduction, greater visibility and granularity, and better alignment with business expectations of IT value.   Contact us via email or chat to learn more.

Complexity Reduction helps IT leaders examine an excessively complex IT environment and identify opportunities for and benefits of major simplification.  

Complexity Reduction

Review and assess all aspects of an IT environment that a client believes is overly complex, identifying opportunities for major simplification; define the benefits, and develop near- and longer-term action plans.  Contact us via email or chat to learn more.

IT Outsourcing helps IT and business leaders identify opportunities for introducing outsourced services or for improving the effectiveness and value of those already in place.

IT Outsourcing

Understand and analyze a client's current IT environment to identify opportunities for introducing outsourced services or for improving the effectiveness and value of those already in place; develop a business case and high-level roadmap for change. Contact us via email or chat to learn more.

IT Infrastructure Optimization helps IT leaders analyze their infrastructure environment and identify opportunities for improved effectiveness, simplification, and cost reduction.

Infrastructure Optimization

Review and analyze the IT infrastructure environment (servers, storage, middleware) to identify opportunities for simplification, cost reduction, improved resilience, and operational performance improvement; create a detailed business case for change.  Contact us via email or chat to learn more.