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Classic IT Services


Classic IT Services

Untangle the complexity by simplifying your “classic” technologies and ensuring all your IT assets are at their peak

Just because systems and expertise are “legacy” or “traditional” doesn’t mean they shouldn't be kept up-to-date

Leaders must consider their role as stewards of all IT assets, both technical and professional.  These “classic” assets and skills may not be flashy or cool, but they are still the heart of the enterprise’s digital knowledge and business rules.  Complacency, complexity and brittleness can creep in over years of evolving change and enhancement, limiting essential agility and creating unacceptable risk

Is your IT so stale, complex or fragile it's not achieving its mission?

Chordia Consulting's Classic IT Services can help you untangle that complexity and find out where capabilities need to be refreshed or urgent IT care is needed.

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RAITH™ In-Depth for Classic IT is an easy, low cost way to use the RAITH on-line question and algorithm-driven approach to drill deeper into all aspects of your legacy IT environment.

RAITH for Classic IT

An inexpensive, on-line, questionnaire-driven service that provides a deeper dive into all aspects of the legacy IT environment, offering a more in-depth look at potential improvement opportunities. Globally available.  Learn more or purchase now by credit card or PayPal.

IT Business Management helps client IT leaders run an IT organization like a business, delivering responsive and cost-effective IT services to the internal and external IT business users.

IT Business Management

Assist client IT leaders to develop and run an IT organization that supports business objectives and priorities, offers clear value, provides dependable services, uses all types of resources effectively and efficiently, and embodies responsiveness and service-orientation.  Contact us via email or chat to learn more.

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IT Service Management helps IT leaders deliver effective, well managed and measured day-to-day IT services to business users.

IT Service Management

Review and assess the procedures used to deliver day-to-day IT services to business users, ensuring that performance targets are set and achieved; develop a roadmap for improvement. Contact us via email or chat to learn more.

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IT Infrastructure Optimization helps IT leaders analyze their infrastructure environment and identify opportunities for improved effectiveness, simplification, and cost reduction.

Infrastructure Optimization

Review and analyze the IT infrastructure environment (servers, storage, middleware) to identify opportunities for simplification, cost reduction, improved resilience, and operational performance improvement; create a detailed business case for change.  Contact us via email or chat to learn more.

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Complexity Reduction helps IT leaders examine an excessively complex IT environment and identify opportunities for and benefits of major simplification.  

Complexity Reduction

Review and assess all aspects of an IT environment that a client believes is overly complex, identifying opportunities for major simplification; define the benefits, and develop near- and longer-term action plans.  Contact us via email or chat to learn more

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IT Program and Project Management Review explores current project and program management capabilities and identifies improvement opportunities.

IT Program and Project Management Review 

Understand and assess how well the organization manages IT projects and programs so they consistently deliver business capabilities on-time, on-budget and are integrated into the existing operating environment with predictable and positive outcomes.  Contact us via email or chat to learn more.

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Complex Problem Resolution helps IT leaders understand and resolve the root causes of recurring severe IT problems.

Complex Problem Resolution

Identify, understand, and determine the root causes of recurring severe IT problems, often where others have failed to remediate the issues; define solutions required to prevent further occurrences.  Contact us via email or chat to learn more.

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