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IT / Business Alignment Services

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IT/Business Alignment Services

Is everyone  in your business boat rowing in the same direction?

If IT and the rest of the business aren’t synchronized, they might find they’re each going in different directions

As the old saying goes, if you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.  Without a plan, an objective that's been discussed with others and agreed-to, then IT leaders may have a very different idea of success than business leaders do.  And the last thing IT and business leaders want is for IT to think it's succeeded while the business is falling behind

Do IT and business leaders have the same objectives for how the business will use technology?  Is decision-making consistent, synchronized and predictable?

Chordia Consulting's IT / Business Alignment Services can help you build a plan that has buy-in...and a roadmap to achieving it.

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RAITH™ In-Depth for IT/Business Alignment is an easy, low cost way to use the RAITH on-line question and algorithm-driven approach to provide a deeper dive into whether IT activity is aligned with wider business priorities.

RAITH In-Depth for IT/Business Alignment

An inexpensive, on-line, questionnaire-driven service that provides a deeper dive into aspects of IT activity that may reflect a lack of clear alignment with wider business priorities, offering a first look at potential improvement opportunities.  Globally available. Purchased by credit card or PayPal.  Learn more.

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Strategic Roadmap Development helps IT leaders develop an IT strategic roadmap that ensures alignment between the enterprise's IT and business priorities.

Strategic Roadmap Development

Develop a 2-3 year IT strategic roadmap that ensures IT's  direction, priorities, and plans are clearly aligned with those of the overall enterprise. This roadmap defines a sequence of projects related to technology, business applications, IT processes, and organizational change that will ensure IT can clearly support and enable business objectives.  Contact us via email or chat to learn more.

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IT Governance Framework helps IT leaders assess and establish the practical framework for IT-related decision-making within the organization. 

Governance Framework

Determine and help to establish the practical framework for IT-related decision-making within an organization. This ensures that decisions are made objectively, consistently, and in a balanced way, in line with business rather than purely technical objectives, and can be implemented in an efficient and practical manner.  Contact us via email or chat to learn more.

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Planning IT for Business Reconfiguration helps IT and business leaders create a future IT environment that maximizes the combined (or divested) capabilities of newly merged or separated  organizations.  

Planning IT for Business Reconfiguration

Assess the IT capabilities of an organization being acquired, understanding the similarities and differences between these and the acquiring organization; develop plans to create a future IT environment that maximizes the combined capabilities. Can also be applied in an opposite sense to determine the future IT capabilities of a divested organization and how these should be practically detached from the former parent.  Contact us via email​ or chat to learn more.

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Planning for Global IT  helps IT leaders define an IT organization optimized to support business operations in multiple locations around the world or within a geographic region. 

Planning for Global IT 

Define an IT organization optimized to support business operations in multiple locations around the world or within a geographic region. This involves understanding local business needs and capabilities while seeking to provide common IT services from more centralized locations that can offer cost, consistency, and service quality benefits.  Contact us via email​ or chat to learn more.

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Business Possibilities Workshops are a simple but structured way to help IT and business leaders explore wider business trends and assess their value to the organization and their practical implications for IT.  

Business Possibilities Workshops

Structured, facilitated workshops that help your leadership team review  wider business trends, both general and industry-specific, collaboratively assess their potential value and relevance, and understand their practical IT implications in terms of people, processes, and technology.  Contact Chordia via email or chat to learn more. 

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