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Digital Transformation Services


Digital Transformation Services

Digitally transforming your business is about a lot more than just automating its processes.

The days when “digitizing” just meant “computerize” are over

No longer is it enough to just be "automated."  Today's competitive world demands agility and speed, the ability to be digital in both process and technology


Customers now expect to be able to conduct business instantly, 24/7, from any location, while employees expect access to accurate, up-to-date information to help them do their job, whether in the office or on the road.  

Can your technology, business processes, and people do that?  Are you digitally transformed?  Or is your legacy IT environment trapping critical data and business rules inside a secure but inaccessible computing fortress


Digital transformation breaks down these barriers to help make your organization more connected, more agile, more able to change at digital speed.

Chordia Consulting's Digital Transformation Services can help you define your digital future and the processes, procedures, and technology you need to achieve it.

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RAITH™ In-Depth for Digital Transformation is an easy, low cost way to use the RAITH on-line question and algorithm-driven approach to drill deeper into opportunities for digital transformation in your organization.

RAITH In-Depth for Digital Transformation Services

Inexpensive on-line questionnaire-driven service that provides a deeper dive into aspects of IT that would be critical success factors for digital transformation, offering a first look at potential transformation opportunities. Globally available. Purchased by credit card or PayPal.  Learn more.

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Technology Possibilities Workshops are a simple but structured way to help IT and business leaders identify relevant new and emerging technology concepts and assess their potential business benefits.

Technology Possibilities Workshops

Structured, facilitated workshops that help your leadership team review the state of the art regarding new and emerging technology concepts, collaboratively assess their potential business benefits, and understand the practical implications of these in terms of existing IT architectures, processes, and skills.  Contact Chordia via email or chat to learn more.

Transformation Planning  helps IT and business leaders identify, assess, and plan opportunities to integrate digital technologies into all areas of an organization, driving increased agility and responsiveness.   

Transformation Planning

Identify, assess, and plan opportunities to drive the integration of digital technologies into all areas of an organization, resulting in fundamental changes to business operations and revenue streams, how value is delivered to customers, and how the whole organization must operate in a more agile and responsive way.   Contact us via email or chat to learn more. 

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Managing IT Like A Digital Business services help IT leaders manage IT the same way the digitally transformed business is managed.   From IT customers to product (or service) development and delivery, IT is a complete business value chain that needs the same management disciplines as the business to be successful in the 21st Century.

Managing IT Like A Digital Business 

Analyze the entire IT business value chain using the IT/CBM framework to enable IT to help drive your organization's digital transformation.  Identify tactical and strategic strengths and weaknesses, determine resource imbalances, and explore internal or external functional interdependencies to locate the root cause of lingering issues.  From IT customers to product (or service) development and delivery, IT is a complete business value chain that needs the same management disciplines the digitally transformed business uses.  Contact us via email​ or chat to learn more. 

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