Business Enablement Services

Business Enablement Services

Your technology services should delight your employees and customers every day…are they?

The last thing you want to do is to give your IT customers an avoidable reason to complain about technology

Your IT customers use technology every day to get their work done.  Whether employees or external customers, their view of what the enterprise can do for them is a function of what's on their screens, big or small, day or night, at their desks or in their pockets.  In a perfect world, the apps they use do exactly what they need, when and where they need it.  But...the world isn't perfect, is it?  And it's IT who's obligated to either fix it or replace it and get it right the first time.

Do you know whether your IT customers are delighted with the information technology - the apps, data and analytics - they use?  


Chordia Consulting's Business Enablement Services can help you learn the answer to that question and figure out what it will take make your IT customers happy.

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RAITH™ In-Depth for Business Enablement is an easy, low cost way to use the RAITH on-line question and algorithm-driven approach to provide a deeper dive into whether IT capabilities are adequately enabling day-to-day business operations.
Business Possibilities Workshops are a simple but structured way to help IT and business leaders explore wider business trends and assess their value to the organization and their practical implications for IT.  
Application Portfolio Management helps IT leaders optimize the portfolio of business applications to improve its business value, reduce support costs, and improve agility and flexibility.
IT Solution Design helps client teams define the characteristics of new applications by using a collaborative 'design thinking' approach to understand real business user needs and collectively agree upon the best design solution for agile development.   
Data Management helps IT leaders ensure their strategy and plans for managing data as a business asset are in place and that growing expectations for business intelligence, analytics, and AI can be met. 
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